Hi!! I'm Swarna, the face behind Appeningz Event!!

            I'm so happy you're here!!
            I am a dentist by background, now into clinical trials as my bread and jam. I started Appeningz Event to satisfy my passion tooth and for a reason to help and create jobs for women. 
My two boys are my life, my husband and I have been married to each other for 15 years and I have a 9 years old son; they inspire my world. 
            In a nutshell, I'm all about designing, passion, and planning in real life and on this blog.
I thought it was certainly appropriate to put a face with a name while I introduce myself to you.
           If that's not enough information for you then keep reading…otherwise you can stop here and know that I hope you'll be back to visit often!!

             I've figured out three simple words that define who I am in all of the different areas I'm passionate about: I'm a dreamer, designer, and decorator.  I love meeting new people, cooking, baking, and party styling outside of my 9-5 job! I'm a list-maker, goal-setter, a go-getter, and an absolutely hopeless romantic. I'm all about home-cooked meals around the table with my family, getting lost in the magic colors. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, I can lift heavy things, be a handy women better than some guys I know, and I love cleaning and organizing my home. I research into everything, over-analyze most things, and struggle to just keep things simple, which in all honesty is all I really want…simplicity. It's funny…I think I'm pretty simple, but I've been told I'm not nearly as simple as I think.

            There's a lot of different things I do and love. I'm a sponge for learning new things and I have an addiction to collecting pretty decor stuff. I believe in dandelion wishes, true love, happily ever-after, and that attitude is everything.

            I'm a girl who LOVES her family. I'm talking every single one of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We're close, really close. My parents did an amazing job of keeping us connected and I'm determined to keep things that way - despite the occasional drama...because let's face it…we all have it! 

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