Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ayra's Dazzling Rainbow Party:'I believe in magic'

Ayra's Dazzling Rainbow Party:I believe in magic' inspired by magic, wishes, dreams and beautiful imaginations.
When we are asked to do a party theme that's already been done a bazillion times, We have to admit... not super thrilled about it. Unicorns are super-trendy right now. The magical and sparkly one-horned guys seem to be everywhere couple of weekend back at AZ event.

So, here you have it. Our attempt at creating Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas. We are delighted to share some event photos for a very special birthday girl. We try to create magic always. A party full of unicorns has got to be bursting with magic. We opted for a softer color palette, focusing more on pinks, blues, and greens, with some gold accents for a touch of whimsy.
The table had a light pink tutu tablecloth. The backdrop was our fav we wanted to create a rainbow effect with fabrics without having to spend much on balloons. But we did add a unicorn horn made by Az team to the frame.
We are in love with this cake! How many details, simply enthralling. The cake is already a charm by itself.
Can we first talk about this dessert bar? How gorgeous are all these desserts? I mean just look at these unicorn cupcakes! They’re so whimsical and beautiful! Definitely Pinterest worthy! And that oreo cookie with Unicorn face ?? Can we die of love?
We did some DIY for the party as well. Time Capsule, paper horns, letter blocks to match the theme created entirely by Az event.

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