Friday, January 19, 2018

Simple VALENTINES for your co-workers!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, some ideas for Valentines gift to pretty much everyone.Here are some options for your coworkers or friends.Handing out donuts to
people will definitely make you a lot of loyal friends.

Maybe your coworkers are big on desk plants, cultivating a few little green friends across the surface of their desks?Add to their collection by giving each person something new
but low maintenance: a succulent!Love little buckets pink and filled them with white rocks for the succulents to nestle in, just to really give the plant a seasonal feel.

#succulent #hearts #coworker #valentines

Are your coworkers big coffee people who love nothing more? Then help them feel extra cozy on Valentine’s Day by making or getting them some refreshing latte!
#latte #appreciation #small #longway #valentines

Who does not like a donuts?make it personalized with a cute tag and personal message.

Find the free printable tags here


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