Thursday, November 16, 2017

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity of decorating little Tanu’s first birthday party. Here is the list of the adorable elements from the party which kept the focus on the birthday girl . If you’re planning your baby’s birthday party, read on for some ideas which you can incorporate in your own party!

Fun theme decor – Butterfly Theme!

This gorgeous theme saw incorporation of hand made paper flowers (hey, where there are butterflies, there are flowers!) in all shapes and sizes, colorful candy and cutesy element which would delight kids – especially the girls.

Butterfly Theme Cake

Of course the cake also had to fit into the them! Here’s a look at that gorgeous (and yummy) cake.

Photographs of Tanu, from her cake smash .

Welcome Table

Chalkboard talking all about the little Tanu and wish tree with little details and butterflies.

Best part for us was the Shadow Box.
Most precious and how adorable.Mom made this shadow box with all her first born dress. Tanu you are so lucky !She will cherish this all her life.

Gorgeous hand made flowers.

Multi-colored flowers in the colors that one would normally associate with cute little baby girls.

Personalized table center pieces

Cute center pieces on every table which brought the theme to life and made sure it was visible at every nook and corner of the hall.

Tanu herself.


  1. Wow, you got the opportunity and just nailed it my friend. I am just so impressed with all of the d├ęcor items and the color scheme, OMG, it is super fabulous. I also would be starting the preparations for my daughter’s birthday and would like to use these ideas for this bash. I am going to book one of the best New York venues for this bash because I need a lot of space so that the activities for the kids can be organized easily.

    1. Thanks for such amazing words and motivation. Hope ur daughter birthday was a huge success.

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