Friday, April 7, 2017


Spring is here and I am loving it.

Easter is all about new life. It’s about remembering the importance of fresh starts and cherishing the season. I never understand how they decide on the date for Easter, but this year it is on April 16.
If you’re entertaining this Easter and want to dress up your home, there are many simple Easter crafts that will impress your guests. 
I hope you enjoy these ideas that I’ve pulled together to inspire you for Easter or springtime in general.


                                                Floral Painted Easter Eggs

This idea is so cool. It's just like giving eggs their very own tattoos!Instead of dying Easter eggs, get crafty with acrylic paint!

Glitter Easter Eggs

This year, make your Easter tree  sparkle with hand-painted ornaments in a variety of bright Easter colors. Painted and glittered Easter eggs--so pretty, and can be used year after year.

Easter Egg Candles

Light up your Easter table with Easter Crate Candles! Place in individual egg cups or the Bunny 5-Section Egg Holder for a great decor .Instead of hard boiling your eggs, decorating them, then tossing them in the trash in a few weeks, why not use up the contents (I’m thinking a big ol’ batch of french toast!?) and then use the shells as molds for brightly colored candles? It’s a win-win!

Bunny Wreath

Holiday decorating starts at your front door. This season’s Easter wreaths are all about embracing new textures and materials; you’ll see Easter wreaths made out materials like grass, birch, burlap, artificial Easter eggs, ribbon strands, boxwood, and more. These wreaths really pack a visual punch! Hang one on your front door and you’ll see—even standing from a distance you’ll notice this season’s Easter wreaths rich textures!

Chalkboard Printable


Framed Photo Wall Hanging Easter Craft


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