Saturday, March 25, 2017


 Choose a Theme and decide on a Location

First, and in my opinion, the most important aspect to planning, is deciding on a theme. When I first started planning for my colleagues daughter Mila third birthday i wanted to create rustic look ..
Now looking at this pic I call “ MILA'S BOHO DREAM LAND” !!
I looked for theme from the inspirations boards, and went pin crazy with inspiration from other photographers and blogs. 
My “theme” had a mind of it’s own, and the more I pinned, the more excited I got.
Choosing a location was the easiest part for me. I knew I wanted to use this park in San Jose with ducks ,grass ,water and boat .
Perfect for the theme in my mind !

Get yourself some vendors

Chances are if you’ve been in business , you know some local vendors. Reach out to some of your contacts, or even to people you don’t know, and see if they are interested in working together. 
However, you might consider connecting with a wedding planner, and a florist to help save yourself some time, and stress. 

The BIG Day 

We were lucky to get a perfectly overcast day.
Be ready to have a backup plan for your day, in case the weather isn’t cooperating.If the shoot involves kids or babies taking photo shoot is going be challenging, always have backup clothes ,make sure kid has rested well, not heavy makeup or complicated props .Keep the session as short and crisp as possible.
Focus your shoot in sections.  If you have several set-ups you want to use, it may be helpful to write out a shot list ahead of time. It is important to get enough quality photos from each area.


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